Environmental stewardship has been at the heart of Mirastar’s operations since inception.

The company’s vision is built around three main pillars:


We have historically insisted on achieving BREEAM Very Good across our portfolio as an absolute minimum and have always sought architectural solutions which (for example) harness natural daylight and promote wellbeing through their design. We are committed to creating places which deliver operational and environmental efficiency, while also an attractive, healthy and rewarding working environment. The sustainability and circularity of our buildings therefore sits at the core of our business, alongside the safety and wellbeing of those who interact with them.

Ongoing Journey

The Future of ESG

Mirastar’s longstanding commitment to high standards of ESG measurement in new construction is now evolving: we have implemented Environmental, Social and Governance measures (ESG) throughout our organisation.

We actively engage in carbon accounting and reporting. This firstly established our current impact and then secondly, identifies pathways for our portfolio and operations through which to target net zero emissions in the construction, procurement and operation of our buildings. Alongside the implementation of these technical measures, we are developing the plans and policies required to ensure our transition to net zero happens in a robust, equitable and transparent way. We will soon be publishing our ESG Policy and Net Zero Pathway documents. These will be a reflection of the work we are doing now to ensure we not only achieve our targeted emissions reductions, but that we do so in a way that also delivers on our social value and wellbeing commitments.

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