Don’t stop movin’ – Shed Club Heaven on why ESG is a case of constant improvement for logistics

Top execs have their say on how the sector needs to adapt to new demands

There is no ducking or diving it any longer. ESG issues have become central to real estate development, and investment in all facets And with logistics the most in demand market of all, it’s the responsibility of those who work in the sector to step up and take the lead.

That’s why for the latest edition of React News’ Shed Club Heaven webinar series, we brought together some of the top execs in the sector to help share their views and advice on how to ensure the agenda is being pushed and how not to get left behind.

React News’ editorial director David Hatcher was joined by Pertti Vanhanen, managing director, Europe at Cromwell Property Group; Ekaterina Avdonina, chief executive and co-founder at Mirastar; Cécile Tricault, senior vice president and country manager of France and regional head of Southern Europe at Prologis and Helen Drury, sustainability lead at Tritax Group.

What the industry is doing well and what it needs to do better

Cécile Tricault: ESG is now at the very heart of everything we do and we start seeing measurements made, we start seeing commitments, we start also seeing some carbon-neutral properties being built across Europe. For instance, we are currently building a 100,000 sq m [1.076 sq ft] building in the region of Paris which is going to be carbon neutral. We have managed to reduce emissions by 80% and we will compensate the rest, and I think it’s a real trend from the industry. Companies are gathering together to make commitments, not only as one company but more as a group, and representing the industry.

Ekaterina Avdonina: I think ESG has just suddenly gone up the agenda, and I think Covid-19 has been a great accelerator for that, realising, especially on the “E” side of ESG. There has been a recognition of the environmental impact on the development cycle. Management within the portfolio has been really positively challenged by the industry and by the overall LP community of the investors. The road to net zero on the construction side is top of the agenda for every development.

Written by David Hatcher

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Don’t stop movin’ – Shed Club Heaven on why ESG is a case of constant improvement for logistics