Mirastar and KKR launch €500m infill strategy

KKR-backed Mirastar has launched a new European infill logistics strategy for which it expects to snap up €500m of assets in short order, React News can reveal.

The private equity firm and specialist asset manager and developer have already completed on almost €70m of deals and with a further €200m pipeline it is expected to have hit its initial target by the end of the summer. Once achieved it is possible that the partners may look to make their ambitions even loftier.

“Super granular” assets of around 10,000 sq m are being targeted for the value-add strategy, typically valued in the region of €10m each, in towns and cities across Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and the Nordics. Edge of city, light industrial, alternative use and covered land plays are all being considered by the investors. Read more…

31 Jan 2022 | by